The Program

Access To Law Initiative

When we say that AM LAW is focused on community service, we mean it. The Access to Law Initiative is a project designed to bring free or low cost legal services to various segments of our community that presently do not have access to quality legal services. You might say it is an implementation of the adage of "Doing Well by Doing Good." The expectation is that the participating attorney will serve a broad base of deserving and diverse clients, gain invaluable expertise, and make contacts that will lead to viable practice based on a foundation of community service. A core principle of the program is to focus on career satisfaction and not just creating an economically viable practice. Each participating law office provides space where solo practitioners and small firms can be together and support each other like lawyers in a large commercial firm might do. Attorneys who eventually leave the program after developing their practices continue to mentor new entrants to the program, building a network of community advocates.

As former participants in the Access to Law Initiative, AM LAW seeks to exponentially increase access to legal services for low and moderate income people and entities.

We invite you to visit the Access to Law Initiative's website to familiarize yourself with the program and all of the participating attorneys.


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Fixed Fees and Discounts


When we say that AM LAW is affordable, we mean it. Aside from our firm's beginnings in the Access to Law Initiative, and the minimization of overhead costs, we employ fixed fees for over 50% of our cases. Fixed fees, rather than traditional hourly billing, allow us to represent our clients in the most efficient way possible by informing them of exactly how much our services cost before we start. Whenever possible we offer our clients a fixed fee quote so that they can plan their finances accordingly and with certainty. Our attorney discuss your options with you along the way in order to insure that our goals are always aligned with yours.

In addition to our fixed fees, we also feel it is important to give back to those that work, day in and day out, making our community a better place. To that end, we offer discounted billing to Senior Citizens, Retired and Active Military, Teachers, Professors, Fire Fighters, Union Members, Social Workers and Agricultural Workers. If you would like to take advantage of this special pricing please Contact Us Today for a Free Consultation.